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Take a look at the positive impact the I CAN Journal has had on some of our customers.

We could talk about our incredible products or service all day, but our customers tell it better! Check out some of the feedback our customers have shared to get a firsthand account of shopping with The I CAN Journal.



It’s wonderful to see Aurelia express her feelings and practice her handwriting at the same time.
The journal is designed for children. It contains bright and colourful pages that really make the children want to use the journal.
I particularly love the inspiring quotes which feature throughout the journal. These offer children a daily boost of inspiration!
Aurelia’s time filling in her ‘I Can Journal’ will become part of her daily routine now. In the future, she’ll be able to look back at all of the happy times she has had during the uncertain and sometimes scary time of COVID. This is something we can keep for years to come!
Journaling is incredibly trendy at the moment. It is promoted as a great stress reliever! I thank Narelle for offering this therapeutic activity to children!


I can already see a change when she uses it and if she seems to be have a challenging day I suggest she takes a few minutes to chill out and fill in her journal!

Alina P.

Thank you so much for the Fabulous journal. Already started the journey, which seems to bring lots of topics of discussion with my lil boy. So grateful for having come across your wonderful product. A colleague from work recommended it and immediately became a big interest. Will definitely share "The I CAN journal" with my friends and family x


It's excellent for turning lockdown into positive moments like today. It's the most positive day we had in a long time. .
Positivity helps Tilly enormously with her anxiety and we always try to find the best of a rough situation.

Lauren L.

Today we received our Journal. Dex is 7, and struggles sometimes with anxiety and he can be quite the worrier. We've never had something like this for him, so we were eager to see how he reacted. His little face lit up when he looked through it. I have already sent a detailed positive review through to the page,but the quality of the book is fantastic. very much exceeded my expectations. Dex has spent a while looking through it tonight and has begun to fill it in. He already cant wait to fill in tomorrow's page! I think this will give him something positive to focus on.

Claire G.

Absolutely over the moon with this fantastic book, so much so I’m going to order another one as Christmas presents for two very important little boys in my life.
In a world of you cant’s it’s so important to show them that you can!!
A fantastic positive book in a wonky world and very confusing times for our babies.

Kirsty B.

Received our journal today my daughter is over the moon and has made a good start at filling it in. Lovely quality easy payment and great delivery xx Thank you xx

Ash G.

Based on hours of research and personal experience, Narelle has created something amazing. I would highly recommend this. Please spread the word!

Mandy R.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a ‘ sneak peak.' This book is a must-have and full of positivity and beautiful illustrations. Well done Narelle, we just ❤️ it !

Samantha H.

Fantastic idea and great for the well-being of our children, especially in times like this.

Jeannie K.

Got mine today for my little girl it's beautiful will definitely recommend it to family friends.

Gabi S.

Such a good way to talk about emotions with children and a good tool for helping children to feel empowered by what they've achieved in their day.

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The I CAN Journal, 2020